Read Genesis 22:1-18

When you look into the future… how sure can you really be?  Usually we are guessing… projecting… hoping… something will happen.  When I was in college, I ‘knew’ that God desired that I get married.  I also had that desire… and really felt that He was leading in that direction.  One of the problems I was running into was finding THAT person.  After my freshmen year, I traveled with a team to do missionary work in Chile.  I spent a month down there and we saw God work in great ways.  Later in college, I met someone who was also getting ready to do missionary work in Chile.  I told several friends that I saw this as a ‘sign’ that she was the one.  The rest of the story can be told another time (both hers and mine), but needless to say… she was THE ONE, and we’ve been happily married 25+ years.

The reason I share this story… is because I ‘felt’ that God had directed me.. but there was no audible promise.  In today’s passage, He audibly talked to Abraham and promised that Isaac would be the one through whom the promise of a nation would be fulfilled.  So when he took Isaac up on the mountain to sacrifice him… and told his servant that “we will return”, he knew that God would somehow, someway, keep him alive.  BUT Abraham still had to show his obedience by walking up the mountain, preparing the sacrifice, and almost going through with it.  He had to show his faith by what he was doing.  When he was all done, it was said that “He was justified by His faith” (Romans 3:28, 4:4), however, his faith was shown through what he did. (James 2:23-24)

Today, is there something you hope to accomplish for God?  What is He nudging you to do?  Is there a need to be met?  A place to serve?  A word to be spoken?  Put your faith into action today, like Abraham!