Read Romans 12:10-16

James gave us three examples of those who were patient with God’s timing in their lives.  Two of them were examples from the Bible:  the prophets and Job.  Then James mentioned “those who have persevered”.   I shared two different examples from my thinking on Sunday:  a family who lost their first-born child and the 5 missionaries who lost their lives in Ecuador and how those left behind dealt with their loss.

Paul echoes these feelings in Romans 12:12, where he says that we need to be “patient in affliction”.  It’s the same word that James used, “persevere” in James 5.  Paul shares some actions we can take to make sure that we remain patient… (be devoted to one another, never lack zeal, honor one another, faithful in prayer, etc).  As you read Paul’s words, notice how he helps us take the focus off of ourselves, and steers it to serving others.

Who do you know who would fit into the category of one who has “persevered”?  When you are waiting for God, are you patient?  Are you able to focus on helping others?  Or are you focused on the fact that God hasn’t answered or met your need?