Read Psalm 9:1-4, 13-14

God has made us emotional beings.  Some of us are more emotional than others.  Not knowing why, but my swings in emotion are very small, unless it relates to my favorite sports team or navigating traffic.
There are times when driving, that I can be real patient… let people change lanes in front of me and even peacefully facilitate construction merging.  However, when I am more “emotional”, I tend to be more territorial about my lane and position in traffic.  When I see people zoom past me and then cut in right before the merger…. let’s just say I am pretty upset.  When you put that all in the context of life, it really isn’t a big deal, but at that moment in time, it is a big deal to me.

On Sunday, David was experiencing injustice at the hands of Nabal and as his emotions were rising, he came to the decision to go and try to right his wrong.  The only thing that spared David from carrying out his plan was Abigail, who came bringing gifts, as well as some level-headed reasoning to talk David “off the ledge”.  She returned good for Nabal’s evil.  Once his emotions were in a healthy place, he made an informed decision.

In today’s psalm (#9), David seems more centered in his response to when people are “persecuting” him.  The key for him, as well as for us, is to focus on who God is.  David opens the psalm with thanksgiving and singing about all that God has done for him.  It becomes easier to repay good for evil when we can recall all that the LORD has done for us.

Do you live your life with the ability to oversee your emotions to make good decisions and repay good for evil?  Or are your emotions so powerful that all you want to do is get even or worse… return evil for evil?  Take some time to reflect on it as well as meditate on some of the psalms that David wrote when he was in those situations.