Read Psalm 37:3-7

When was the first time you were in charge?  I’m sure there were times in Junior High or High School when I was in charge of something or someone.  There isn’t a specific time that pops in my head.  I do know that I probably enjoyed being in charge… telling people what to do… being the boss.

David learned some important lessons while in the wilderness that helped shape his leadership style.  One of the important lessons was to trust in God’s perfect timing and commit his way to Him.  He had multiple opportunities to take King Saul’s life, but didn’t.  He recognized the anointing of God on Saul’s leadership, and knew that God would make him king at His perfect time.

We all have influence.  Sometimes, however, we have to wait for the right timing to use our influence in a positive way.  How do you use your influence to show who God is?  Have you or do you need to wait patiently for the Lord to open a door for influence?