Read Psalm 147:10-11

Do you think society looks at the outward appearance of someone to make a decision on whether or not that person is a good leader?  Whether it has been a politician, professor, doctor, lawyer, or even in the church, I have seen people (and sometimes I even do it) hand over leadership to people who looked a certain way.  People were made leaders without really taking into account that person’s qualifications, background, or more importantly their character.

Samuel was ready to choose Eliab based on how he looked.  God halted that choice quite quickly.  Even later in the Psalms, the writer reminds us that God isn’t looking at the outward appearance of a horse or man… He is looking for those who fear Him and put their hope in His unfailing love.

Are you guilty of awarding authority to someone based solely on their appearance?  God challenges all of us to put more of an emphasis on the posture of one’s heart and view of God, not how tall or nice someone appears.