Read Psalm 34:1-7

Are you afraid that your dreams won’t come true?  I found myself thinking like this last fall and into the winter season.  I had graduated seminary years ago, had church and ministry experience, put out my resume to churches that I thought would be a good fit… and waited… and waited…  Eventually I started to wonder if God still had a plan for me to serve Him.  In my mind, I was having conversations about what I should do next.

David probably struggled with the idea of what’s next.  Several times throughout his life, he was forced to make adjustments on the fly… oftentimes missing out on what he thought was supposed to happen.  But even through it all, he sought to praise God (Psalm 34:1-3).  When he was able to do that, he could trust that God would “deliver him from all his fears.”

How are you dreams doing?  A short time after traveling down the “what if” road, God opened a door for ministry beyond what I had ever hoped for.  The great thing to realize is that whether or not He did that for me… I still know that I would trust Him and know that there is plan for my life.  He has a plan for you too!