Read Pslam 51

If you’ve gone to church at all… or have been around Christians… you’ve heard about sin.  It’s the things we do that don’t measure up to what God wants from us.  Sin is fun… sin is easy… sin can be quite enjoyable for a time.  But, as was shared Sunday, every sin comes pre-packaged with a consequence.  It might not be an immediate consequence… but when you sin… there is a consequence.

David mentally knew this.  But when you think about the laws that he broke (adultery, murder, bearing false witness, even stealing?), he probably wasn’t thinking about those laws… he was thinking about the pleasure that he was enjoying.  It took Nathan confronting him and David humbling himself and submitting himself to God’s law that he was able to continue.  BUT-there were still consequences from his sin- the baby that would be born would die… there would be no peace in his house… and calamity would follow him the rest of his life.

However, David was still able to write a psalm of confession in Psalm 51.  I have prayed that psalm many times, asking God to search my heart… and then confessing those sins to Him.  I encourage you to prayerfully read Psalm 51, and ask God to search your heart to find those attitudes and behaviors that need to be changed.