Read 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

Have you ever thought that God owed you?  Or maybe that if you did ‘such and such’ that God would keep a promise that He made?  Sometimes we struggle with our expectations of what God will do or should do.  We have “kept the rules”, we have “been honest”, we have “loved him… or loved her” despite what they have done to me.  Yet God doesn’t do what I think He should do.

David had hopes and expectations as to how his kingly rule would take place.  Those were shattered by his decision to sin with Bathsheba.  He had to live with the death of a child, constant strife in his house, and ultimate rebellion of his children that would take place in broad daylight for all Israel to see.

In today’s verses, Paul reminds us that we need to have the proper focus.  If we focus on what is seen… what we can experience… then we will be disappointed.  But if we can focus on the unseen… the eternal… if we can focus on God and His plan for us… not our plan for us… than we will be renewed each day.

What are you focusing on?  Are you focusing on the things that are only seen… or are you able to focus on the things that are eternal and unseen?