Read John 7:14-24

When you purposefully or non-purposefully judge someone, what are some of the triggers you struggle with?  I shared on Sunday morning about my “conservative” phase.  Some of the things I struggled with at that time was music with a driving beat… long hair on guys… and denim.  Later, I’ll confess, that when I saw people with tattoos, I personally struggled.  Even more recently, when ladies have colored their hair with somewhat a unique color (hot pink or blue), I’ve had to catch myself.  While none of these things are triggers today… it is so easy to judge someone just by their appearance.

In today’s passage, Jesus is being hounded by the crowd, many of whom are Jews and are questioning His authority.  He had just healed someone yet were questioning why Jesus healed on the sabbath.  He challenged them to not judge by “mere appearances” but “to judge correctly”.

What do you think Jesus means by this?  How do we judge correctly?  Can we judge correctly?  I believe that Jesus is cautioning us to not judge by only what we see… but to gather and formulate a more complete picture if we need to confront someone in love about the sin they might be doing.

Pray that you would be open to lovingly confronting someone if they are in sin… and pray that you would be open to receiving that loving confrontation if you are caught in sin.