Read Galatians 6:1-5

We all experience it.  There are people we are excited to see.  There are others, who when they come towards us, we have to take a deep breath… pray… and then ‘brace for impact’.  The surprising thing for all of us might be that there are probably people who feel this way about us.  But what would you do if someone came to you and accused of doing something you knew was wrong… and you thought nobody saw you do it?

As Christian brothers and sisters, we need to be ready and open for people to come and lovingly correct us to bring us back to Jesus.  Sometimes we have blind spots, ‘specks’ or just areas in our lives that we don’t know about that we need to be confronted about.  When done gently, in love, these interactions can bring our lives more in line with what Jesus wants.

Today’s passage talks about if we see a fellow believer caught in a sin, that we should restore them gently.  One of the ways we can help them through this process is to help them carry their burden.

Are you open to a loving confrontation by someone with the goal of restoring you to a right relationship with Christ?  Are you willing to lovingly confront someone you see caught in sin?  Let’s pray that God would prepare us for both situations, when needed.