Read I Corinthians 9:19-23

What is your favorite ice cream?  Your favorite restaurant to eat at?  Your favorite cereal?  What about music… who do you like to listen to?  We are all different and have different favorites and preferences.  When I was younger, I didn’t like buffalo wings, zucchini, or Indian food.  But as I have gotten older and have been exposed to different experiences, I have learned not only to try and appreciate new things but have come to like those things I didn’t like before.

As I shared last Sunday, there was a time that I didn’t like music with a beat, expected men to have short hair, and that they would wear a tie to church.  I only listened to quartet or acapella music and enjoyed a good tie.  However, as I got older… even those “preferences” changed.  Not only that, but I have had to learn to respect others with different preferences for the sake of the gospel.

While our passage on Sunday, as well as others, seems to indicate that if there is a sin problem between you and another believer-you need to go and talk with them.  If it is a “preference” issue, while you can still go and talk… I think the Bible talks more about respecting each other’s opinions and feelings… ultimately so that the love we have for each other can be showed to the world around us. (John 13:35)

Paul became all things to all men so that he could see some make the decision to believe in Christ.  He became like a Jew, having the law; he became like those not under the law; and he became weak to reach the weak.  His passion in life was to see people come to Christ and he was willing to do anything, short of sinning, to see that happen.

Do you have that passion?  Are you willing to ‘become’ something for someone so that they will make a decision to follow Christ?  What favorite or preferential thing that you may like might keep a non-believer from choosing Jesus?