Read Matthew 18:1-5

When you are competing, how do you react?  Are you someone who “has to win at all costs”?  Or do you not like competition at all, choosing to watch from the sidelines (while reading a book and not caring about what happens during the competition)?  Or maybe you try to strike a balance-compete really hard but realize its only a game and leave the results behind?

Any of these ways can get us into trouble.  The disciples who traveled with Jesus for three plus years seemed to worry themselves from time to time with who would be the greatest in the coming kingdom of Jesus.  From their parents to even themselves, they would question Jesus to see what He would say.

In our passage today-it was the disciples asking.  Instead of just answering them, He loved to use illustrations, so He brought a child into their midst and reminded them of an important truth.  He said that they needed to stop competing and become like the child in front of them in order to enter the kingdom of heaven.  Not only did their faith need to be like a child… they also needed to welcome them into His kingdom.

When you think about “care-fronting” or confronting a brother or sister who has sinned against you or who is in sin, how should you approach the situation?  Jesus in this context reminds us that we need to have a child-like faith, instead of a selfish seeking “who’s the greatest” kind of faith.  When we are concerned for the betterment of others… that shows we have an other’s centered faith.

Where are you in your faith?  Do you have a child-like faith or a disciple-like faith that is more concerned about position?