Read I Corinthians 12:12-14

When I was younger, I loved to be outside, playing sports, riding my bike, hanging out with friends.  What I have noticed, is the older I get, the less ‘active’ I want to be.  I know that I need to exercise and elevate my heart rate… but it’s just not a strong desire that I have right now in my life.

To put it another way… when I was younger, my BODY loved to be moving, running, riding, having fun.  The older I get, it seems as if my body is happier when I am more like a BUILDING.

On Sunday, we talked about the fact the church is a BODY… NOT A BUILDING.  It needs to experience movement to keep growing… to be ALIVE.  However, there usually comes a time in a church’s life where things are good… so there is a settling… a contentment… a lack of desire to continue moving, much like myself in regards to exercising.  When the body stops growing… it starts to decline and atrophy sets in when muscles are not used.

The passage today, Paul goes to great lengths to explain the importance that we are all a part of one body.  Whether you think of it in the “Big C” church kind of way, or in our local church… Paul says that we all fit together… all have a specific purpose… and that we are all important… to each other and to God.

As you consider your part in the body, are you more interested in moving and growing… or are you more content to stay where you are and not grow?