Read Acts 2:46-47

Growing up, I was always around my extended family.  My Aunt and Uncle lived either above us or below us and my three cousins were always around.  However, even with their nearness, I did wish, at times, that I had a brother.  Being an only child made my mind more creative, but sometimes I did wish I had someone to play with.

Once we found a church and got plugged in, I did experience a family-like atmosphere.  There were other boys my age that were kind of like ‘brothers’.  I had the privilege to attend Father/Son events because other men in the church stepped up and asked me to go with them.  People seemed to truly care for my well-being.  As I got older, I also cared for them as well.

When you think about the early church, they not only met at the temple courts daily, but it seems that after that, they went back and met in their homes together as well.  They did “life together”.  In a society that is more comfortable connecting online, we seem to be losing this type of community.

Do you have a group of believers that you ‘connect’ with on a regular basis?  Are they like family… or is your church family more like a ‘foe’?