Read Psalm 46

How busy are you?  Last week seemed more like 12 days and not 7 days for me.  Between family life, church life, and what I had hoped to accomplish, it was quite a week.  We all live in busy times.

Many of us have hobbies or interests that fill up our time.  From classic cars and model trains… to flea markets and yard sales….to watching our favorite shows or sporting events… there is something that we all like to do and make a priority.  We all have the same 24 hours… but we all choose different priorities with that time.

When it comes to church attendance and involvement, people have some different opinions.  Some believe that they should be there anytime the doors are open… some come when it fits into their schedule… and most fall somewhere in-between.

God desires that we worship together as a body… AND that we worship Him individually with our everyday moments.  We are wired for worship… so we should be taking every opportunity to actively show God’s value and give Him the worth He deserves.

So, this week, plan to join the body in corporate worship… as God desires you to.  AND, seek to worship Him during your day…singing and praising God while driving… being in awe of a beautiful sunset… praying for those being transported by ambulance… sitting quietly waiting to hear His voice.  All these actions are ways that we can worship God.