Read Romans 14:5-10

Building a little on yesterday’s thought… when I did get my driver’s license… I was FREE!  I was able to go where I wanted to go.  I could hang out with my friends.  I was able to get a job, which in turn gave me some expendable income.  I didn’t have to walk to school.  There were a lot of benefits.  However, with the benefits came responsibility.  I had to observe the traffic laws.  I had to have car insurance.  I had to wear my seat belt.  Freedom is nice.. however, rarely is it ultimate freedom from everything.

Another topic we addressed Sunday was the idea of individual soul liberty.  What that means it that “the believer accepts responsibility for his own actions and does not try to force anyone else to do or believe anything contrary to his own conscience.”  It allows each Christian to live according to their own convictions based on God’s word.  The interesting thing here in America, is that we don’t have a problem believing what we feel is right… the problem we often have is allowing another believer to believe something different and respect that… even if we think it is wrong.

Paul addresses this in today’s passage.  Whether it was the day of the week, meat sacrificed to idols or anything else… Paul says we should be doing it all for the Lord.  On top of that, if someone believes something different than we do… yet has Christ in their life… we need to honor and respect what they believe.

The culture today encourages us to state our opinion and beliefs, and go on the attack at those who do not believe like we do.  Then what usually happens is at the detriment of trying to understand another’s beliefs, there is conflict… misunderstanding… which can ultimately turn into anger and hate.  So today’s question is:  Can you show love and respect to another Christian who might not believe or practice their faith the way you do?