Read Philippians 1:3-6

Entitlement.  We now live in a society that promotes, encourages, and teaches this trait.  From the old to the young… many people have been taught to expect certain things because ___________ (fill in the blank).  How should we respond to people who need help but come across with a sense of entitlement?

I shared on Sunday, when I worked at the hospital, part of my job was to help those in need.  When someone was extremely grateful for my assistance, I was more open and willing to help them with other needs.  However, if someone came across as entitled, rude, or ungrateful, I completed my task professionally, but I was probably not going to go out of my way to assist any further.

Which brings us to one of Sunday’s points:  “Ingratitude shuts down generosity”.  When people are not thankful and grateful, it usually causes the one who was helping to stop.  But when we are grateful, those helping us are more likely to be open to helping us even more.

Paul thanked God every time he remembered the Philippians.  He also continued to pray that God would finish the work He started.  The key was that the Philippians not only served with Paul, but they helped meet his needs.  Their involvement helped Paul to want to continue his prayers for them.

Who do you owe (a word of thanks)?  On Sunday I put it this way… I O ?  Which broken down means, I…. owe… who?