A word about the Coronavirus…

By March 12, 2020No Comments

Dear West Side Baptist Church Family,

As concern over coronavirus both at home and abroad continues to increase I felt it was appropriate to communicate with all of you. This is not intended to communicate an official stance on the issue nor is it intended to provide recommendations, so much as it is to convey how I feel we should and will approach this issue here at West Side.

First off, let me address the more spiritual nature of this issue. It is often the tendency in our flesh to fear, worry and doubt. No differently than our health officials, I would encourage all of you to refrain from panic and as we should with everything, trust in the Lord. It should never be said of God’s people that we are prone to fear over faith. Matthew 6:34 tells us, “Therefore, do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” If you feel compelled worry, pray instead.

Secondly, while we trust in the Lord and are not to fear, that does not mean we abandon wisdom and fail to plan and exercise caution. So, please know that at church we will continue to do what we have always done by ensuring the building is cleaned each week, those serving will wash hands regularly, etc. and we ask that you do the same, both when out and when at home. Further, we will continue to stream our services so that in the event that someone feels sick or is concerned about getting sick and decides to stay home, you can stay connected.  To this end, we would ask that you treat this no differently than any other flu season… if you feel sick or are sick that you elect to remain home. This is especially important with children.

To find our live stream, you can go to our Facebook page or our YouTube Channel and the live stream will pop up as a new video at 9:45 am each Sunday.

Finally, we will continue to be the Church. Meaning that, contrary to what some consider conventional wisdom and more in line with point number one, we are here to serve. So, if you are in need, please let us know how we can minister to you which includes visiting you and praying for you. As mentioned, we will continue to gather for worship and prayer exercising appropriate caution but not fearing the gathering together of the Body. If for some reason local officials provide different directions, we will prayerfully consider their input.

May I suggest that we use this time in our country where fear and anxiety seems to be ruling the day, to be a people who demonstrate steady faith, are not moved by the events of the day and shine the Light of Christ into the darkness of this world. Let’s be in prayer together for this very work.

I love and appreciate all of you and hope that you will come out and support our WMU ladies as they lead us in worship this Sunday.

Serving Him,

Pastor Ray