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DAY #1- Read Dan 6:1-10

What did Daniel do once he heard of the new edict?

How long had Daniel been doing this practice?

What habit are you doing today that will help tell your story tomorrow?


DAY #2- Read Matthew 6:33-34

What do you worry about?  Are these things that you can control or are they out of your control?

What should we seek first?

How does having godly priorities help minimize worry?


DAY #3- 1 Kings 20:13-34

What did King Ahab have to do?

What was the result of his obedience?

As we talked about Sunday-what is ONE habit that you believe God wants you to start- to tell the story He wants you to tell?


DAY #4- Jeremiah 50:5

What can we take from this verse as it relates to constructing our story?

How well do you finish things that you start?

What things often cause you to not finish?


Day #5 – Ezra 7:8-10

How long did it take Ezra to get to Jerusalem?  What does this say about his character?

What did Ezra devote himself to?

How devoted are you to reading and studying God’s Word?


DAY #6- HEBREWS 12:1-3

What do you need to “throw off” that is hindering you in your walk with God?

Are you persevering?  Which part of verse two could help you persevere longer?

Who is making it difficult for you to ‘run the race’?  How can you continue running the race as well as love that ‘opposer’?