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DAY #1- RUTH 1:1-22

How do you typically decide whether to stay or go?

Why do you think Ruth chose to stay?

What area of life is God ‘wanting you to want” to stay and not go?


DAY #2-RUTH 2:1-23

Is STAYING always easy?  What did Ruth have to do in order for her and Naomi to survive?

Do you have a reputation of STAYING or GOING?  Why?

Have you ever seen the benefit to STAYING?  What have you enjoyed or received because you chose to STAY instead of go?


DAY #3- GALATIANS 6:7-10

What principle is Paul writing about?

What determines the harvest that you will reap?

What are you doing to today that will help you harvest good things tomorrow?


DAY #4- HEBREWS 12:1-3

Think about a time when you decided to STAY, when it would have been easier to go… What did you learn from that experience?

What thing(s) right now, are “hindering” or “entangling” your life that you need to get rid of so you can STAY?

How can you develop endurance now… so you can tell the story that God wants you to tell tomorrow?


DAY #5- 2 CHRONICLES 15:1-7

According to verse 2, what will happen if you STAY with the LORD?  What happens if you forsake Him?

What did they do to show their need for the LORD?

What area in your life do you need to turn from, so you can turn to the LORD?



According to this verse, how can you show others that you are STAYING on track to live for God?

Is serving God useless?  Why or Why not?

How can you show joy while serving?