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Read Matthew 6:33
“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness,
and all these things will be provided for you.”
Matthew 6:33 (HCSB)

A bank statement, a day planner, a church calendar, or a hospital stay
often reveals our priorities. Misplaced priorities generally lead to hurt and
confusion in our lives, marriages, families, and churches. Jesus gave His
followers a simple and conditional promise. If believers would make the
Father’s kingdom a priority, then they would lack for nothing in life. That’s
a priceless guarantee! Unmet needs may be an indication that our
priorities are out of order.

Seeking God first says that we’re dependent on Him, that we’re
desperate for Him, and that we’re dedicated to Him. It’s worth noting
that this is a great way to live and serve in ministry. A call from a pastor
search team, the daily responsibilities of life, the challenge to raise godly
children in an ungodly world, a fresh vision for the church, and the
ability to live on less than we make testify that we need to see our
decisions from God’s perspective.

As you consider your life, marriage, family, and church, are you seeking
God first? What decisions are you facing at this moment?

Take Jesus’ challenge and seek the Father’s kingdom
first. Ask God to help you see your life, marriage, family,
and ministry from His perspective.