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Read Genesis 4:16-26

The Good of the City

Cities buzz with the excitement of people, productivity, and creativity.
From the very first, they have been places where people fulfill God’s plan
to “be fruitful and increase in number”. Give thanks for the people in
your city and its unique culture.

The Gospel in the City

According to the UN, over half of the world’s population lives in cities, and
that figure is predicted to rise to 70% by 2050. Thank God for the wonderful
gospel opportunities this creates. Pray that many would “call on the
name of the Lord”.

The Bad of the City

Lament that many of the city live like Cain did (4:16-17), rejecting God
and seeking shelter in the city and all the opportunities it offers, rather
than in Jesus. Cry out for a work of the Holy Spirit to turn their hearts
back to Him.

The Ugly of the City

Bring before God the sin of our city. Confess to God the ways in which
you have contributed to this over the past week. Pray for God’s
restraining hand over all forms of violence, corruption, and oppression.

Hope in the City

Praise God for Jesus Christ, the promised descendant of Eve, who crushed Satan’s head when he was crucified outside the city walls—so that now we can be part of God’s heavenly city. Pray that this message of hope would ring out and transform your city.