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As you begin to pray for our city, begin praying for the relationships of people…

Ask God, “Father, You have brought your people into relationship with You
and with each other. Help us pursue…

Wise Perspectives (vs 3)

To be wise is to stand in awe of the sovereign God, who sees everything. Give thanks
that He sees individuals that bring us joy, and He knows the hidden pain that broken
relationships cause. Spend time thanking God for the people in your life and for His
work in your relationships.

Wise Friendships (vs 4)

The city is full of words! Billboards, newspapers, and other advertisements… Words
have the power to build up or tear down. Pray that you would develop friendships
where you can give and receive wisdom, comfort, encouragement, and hope for
this life and the next.

Wise Families (vs 5)

The family unity is designed so that the older generation can help the younger to flourish.
Pray that our city would be filled with families where words of leadership and discipline
are shared and accepted in love.

Wise Communities (vs 6)

Pray that homes in our city and on our street would be places where people thrive in
honesty and love. Pray for those facing abuse, those families ensnared in a life of
crime, and those households focused on accumulating wealth on earth instead of
storing up treasures in heaven… Pray that they would discover the transforming
power of Christ.

Wise Schools (vs 7)

Pray that teachers will impart knowledge well and will be able to flourish in their
chosen profession. Pray for schools near you, and teachers and other staff members
that you know.