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AS IT RELATES TO… WORK (Read Genesis 1:28; 2:15; 3:17-19)

As you pray… “Sovereign Lord, You worked six days in creation and are
always at work in Your world. Help us to remember…

The Blessing of Work (1:28)

Although we don’t always see it this way, work is a blessing. Give thanks for
the way God uses work to provide for our needs and gives us a sense of
fulfillment and purpose as we reflect His image.

The Call of Work (1:28)

In work, God calls us to be part of His plan to subdue the earth, no matter our
what work we do. Give thanks for the dignity that this gives to your work, however
mundane or frustrating you might find it. Pray for others who follow Christ in our
city would increasingly worship God through their work, and not worship their work
as God.

The Care of Work (2:15)

The word for “care” in this verse means to watch over and protect, like a shepherd
caring for his flock. Ask God’s forgiveness for the times when you have instead
spoiled or harmed God’s creation through your work. Pray that people in your city
would be more passionate about caring for God’s world.

The Curse of Work (3:17)

Commit to God the frustrations and hardships you experience in your work, asking
Him to give you realistic expectations and patient endurance. Pray for particular
areas in our city where the curse is keenly felt at the moment: in unemployment,
overwork, futility and frustration, office politics, and workplace tensions.

The Opportunities of Work (1:28)

Today as Christians, we are still called to “fill the earth” with followers of Jesus,
as we obey His command to “make disciples”. Pray that God’s people would be
gracious and bold in the workplace in both word and deed. Pray for workplace
ministries and evangelistic initiatives in your city to bear much fruit for the gospel.