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Exodus 35:30-36

As you pray, “Creator God, in your grace You have made all things.
Work in creative industries and the arts in this city.”

The God of Creativity (35:31)
We worship a God of creativity, beauty, and innovation. All good things
flow from Him- so praise Him for the architecture, music, art, writing, and
films that enrich your life. Pray that artists and creatives in our city would
be passionate about creating art for the glory of God.

Art from the Church (35:35)
Although Bezalel and Oholiab were commissioned by God in a special way,
all our creative abilities are a gift from our Creator. Pray that Christian
creatives would therefore be thoughtful about how their art is informed
by Scripture, and gracious in all they do.

Gifts of Creativity (36:1)

Pray that Christians who are creatively gifted by God would be thankful
to him for their abilities, but not defined by them. Pray that their
countercultural witness would lead more and more people from
the creative industries to recognize the beauty of the Lord Jesus.

Art for the Church (36:1)
Bezalel and Oholiab blessed God’s people by building the tabernacle.
Give thanks for those who use their creative skills to build up God’s
people today: song writers, artists, designers, actors, architects, and
musicians. Thanks God for particular creative people who bless our
local church. Pray that they would serve with joy and wisdom..

Obedience in Creativity (36:1)
Pray that those with creative gifts would recognize Jesus’ lordship over
this area, as well as all aspects of life. Pray for collaboration, reflection,
and support among creatives regarding what it looks like to “obey all
that Jesus commanded” as disciples in Matthew 28:20.