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Luke 20:25-37

As you pray today, “Loving Father, there are many in this city who are hurting.
Help me and all Christians to off…

Intentional Care (vs 27)

God’s love for us never ends. Through Jesus, He provides for our greatest need
and equips us to care for others too. Pray that all those who care—family members,
friends, doctors, nurses, social workers and therapists—would grow in their
love of God and their love for others, in response to His great love for them.

Frequent Care (vs 30)

We live in a sinful world and we see this in our cities. Sickness, pain and injury
can come at any time. Pray that those who are struggling in body or mind
wouldn’t feel guilty or hopeless in their weakness, but would turn to the Lord
and His church in their need.

Compassionate Care (vs 31-32)

We live busy lives-compassion fatigue can plague all those who care. Pray that
those who care would remain soft-hearted and willing to be involved in the
complexities of people’s lives.

Sacrificial Care (vs 34)

Thank the Lord for those on the front line in our cities, who sacrifice so much
for the good of others in emergencies: ambulance personnel, firefighters,
accident and emergency staff, and other first responders. Ask God to sustain
them as they tend others.

Corporate Care (vs 35)

Caring isn’t designed to be a solitary activity. Pray that the Lord would provide
those who will care through good networks of friends who are able to support
them. And pray also for those who provide respite services.