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Acts 4:24-31

Approach our Lord today, “Mighty God, what a privilege it is to speak to You
in prayer. Help all your people turn to you in…”

Corporate Prayer (vs 24)
When faced with opposition, the early church came together. They knew that
as a family, they were called to encourage one another by praying collectively.
Pray that every Christian in our city would see the beauty and the necessity of
corporate prayer.

Confident Prayer (vs 24)
There is nothing outside the sovereignty of God. He made everything, sustains
all tings, and is intimately involved in His world. Send some time praising God for
His power, the wise way He rules the earth and the wonderful way He answers prayer.

Consistent Prayer (vs 28)
The early Christians knew that God’s unswerving sovereignty meant that no
opposition could derail His kingdom plans. Pray that your church would have
the same view and that as you pray together, the wonders of Scripture would
shape how you see the realities of life, and help you to persevere in prayer.

Courageous Prayer (vs 29)
We are not called to pray for comfortable circumstances, but for the courage to
speak the good news of Jesus. Pray that our church’s prayers would be bold
prayers– even when you know that God’s “yes” might come with a cost.

Conforming Prayer (vs 31)
When Christians pray, God acts! Thank God that He always answers prayers
in the ways He knows best, even when that doesn’t look how we expect. Pray
that, whatever His response, you would keep trusting God and becoming more
like Christ by the Spirit’s power.