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All of us place importance on certain things in our lives. As a local body of believers, West Side places value on things that make us better followers of Jesus… Things like:

THE BIBLE: Our handbook for this life, we preach it and teach it with intentional practicality.

AUTHENTIC COMMUNITY: People call it different things… fellowship… community… togetherness… we believe it is the key, along with the Bible, to successfully navigate this life.

RADICAL GENEROSITY: We are all called to give our time, talents, and treasures. Becoming a member of West Side encourages not just the ‘regular’ giving, but also a call to help those in their time of need.

RELEVANT WORSHIP: When we gather on Sunday mornings, we see the importance of corporate worship through singing, giving, fellowshipping, and hearing the Word of God as it relates to our lives today.

PRIORITZED PRAYER: We know that prayer is important. When we pray we surrender our will to God’s will.  As we make decisions and wait on God’s direction, we strive to make it a consistent part of everything we do.